The Tea Party by Angelle Whavers

Unidentified Stages and TSquared Production Company present The Tea Party by Angelle Whavers.

Take a look through a female lens at history. We all know about the dignity and righteousness that surrounded the night of the Boston Tea Party. Now let’s look at what happened from the leaders of the movement!Join us for a night of history, revelry, comedy, and truth! And of course, what rebellion would be complete without a dash of liquid courage!

Topdog/Underdog by Suzi-Lori Parks

Lincoln and Booth. Two brothers living in a cramped apartment during modern times. Each with their own goals, dreams, and attitudes. Lincoln and Booth. One named after a hero, the other, his killer. How should this story end?

Unidentified Stages has partnered with TSquared Production Company to produce an amazing reading of the Pulitzer prize-winning play, Topdog/Underdog by Suzi-Lori Parks. Alicia Whavers from Unidentified Stages will be directing the play.

On February 23rd, 2021 at 7PM check out TSquared’s Twitch page to tune in to this visceral and thought provoking play.

Angelle Whavers

Angelle Whavers is a graduate of Drew University with a bachelor’s degree in Theater and History. She has co-written for the show 4320p: Immersion with the Tectonic Theater Project, had her ten-minute Does Not Translate performed by the Vulcan Theatre Company, as well as her play Incubator by the New York Theater Festival.

In addition, she recently had her children’s play, Boogie, read in the New Works Festival with the Growing Stage, and is a recipient of The Chauncey Lester and Elsie Steward Benedict Memorial Prize for playwriting. She has worked as a writer and performer with Parody in Blue for: Year of Woman 3, Grab Them By The Parody!, 19th Amendment: 100 Years of Suffrage, and How to Succeed in Politics Without Even Leaving Your Couch! She is the co-founder and Director of Social Media for Unidentified Stages. Her acting credits include: Performer, Actor’s Hour; Sapphire, 4320p: Immersion: Nell, Haiku; and Florence, Poof!

Alicia Whavers

Alicia (pronounced uh-lee-SEE-uh) Whavers is a NY/NJ based theatre artist. She received her Bachelors in Theatre Arts and Honors English from Drew University in 2014. Afterwards, she was an apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, then worked for Royal Family Productions in NYC as the assistant to the artistic director from 2014 to 2016. She then began working as a box office representative and house manager for the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) in South Orange, NJ. In 2017 she started working as the audience services manager at SOPAC, and in June of 2020 she became the director of audience services at the age of 27, making her the youngest director in the organization’s 15-year history.

Alicia sits on the board of The St. James Players, a community theatre based in Montclair, NJ that dedicates itself to bring free Shakespeare to its audiences. In 2019 she established Unidentified Stages with her younger sister, a theatre group that presents new works as staged readings and will eventually move to presenting full stage productions. Unidentified Stages works with playwrights, directors, and actors to help them each develop their respective skills. Playwrights submit questions along with their plays that they would like to ask the audience. Actors are given the scripts and given a short rehearsal time to help develop their cold reading skills, and directors are assigned to each play. Audience members are asked the questions provided by the playwright, and their feedback is given back to the playwright.

Born and raised in Newark, NJ, Alicia continues to bring theatre to her community. Her mother, a woman who was never seen without a book within arm’s reach, passed along this trait to Alicia. From a young age she was always reading stories and acting out her favorite scenes, brimming with excitement whenever she saw one of her favorite stories come to life on the television. After discovering the possibilities of theatre, she decided to spend her life in that world of endless possibilities.

Her favorite color is blue, though most of her wardrobe consists of purples, and she once completely ignored Leslie Odom Jr. while waiting in line outside of Hamilton because RuPaul sauntered out of the side stage door and graced the entire line with a wave. Alicia likes to spend her free time writing plays, acting in local productions, and discovering her own ways to contribute to the art she is passionately in love with.

Visit her website here!